My travel plans for the rest of 2018

Wedding in Swansea, Wales


I’m super excited about this as it’s going to be first time I’ll ever be glamping! I’m not a big fan of normal camping, but glamping is something I’ve always wanted to try, and in about one month I’ll finally have the chance to do it – yay! We’ll be staying in a hotel in central Swansea for one night and then one night in Oldwalls Gower (this is the glamping bit) – how gorgeous does the place look?


We’ve both taken the Friday and Monday off work, so we’ll have some time to actually explore Swansea too – I’m so excited! If you have any tips on where to eat or what to do, please let me know in the comments!


Girls trip to Bristol


Me, Jasmin and Lynsey are heading to a girls trip to Bristol and I’m so excited! We’ve just booked our Airbnb which looks so lovely, and I can’t wait to explore this lovely city with them. I’ve been to Bristol twice before and I’ve loved it both times, but I feel like there’s still so much I haven’t done yet.


I’m hoping for lots of eating (as per usual) and travelling with people who understand the importance of stopping and taking photos every now and then (and by ‘every now and then’ I mean a lot).


(Hopefully) a day trip to Rye


I’ve wanted to visit Rye as long as I can remember, and now that I live in the same county, I’m finally (hopefully) going to make it happen! Rye looks like such a beautiful and quaint town – exactly like I thought all English towns looked like when I hadn’t actually yet visited England!


On my list for this visit are: visiting a cosy pub with a fireplace (I am a walking cliche, I know), taking lots of photos of historic buildings and just generally pretending that I’ve stepped back in time!


Helsinki (Finland) for Christmas


Is it too early to start getting excited about Christmas? I just can’t wait for mulled wine, gingerbread biscuits and ALL the Christmas songs! This is the first year I’m taking Jim home to celebrate Christmas the Finnish way and I’m super excited. Christmas is my favourite holiday and I can’t wait to show him all our traditions – they’re such a big part of me and my childhood!


I’m hoping for snow (just for Christmas, otherwise no thank you!) and bright chilly days and maybe a Christmas market or two squeezed in, too!


Have you made Christmas plans already or am I the only one?!



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