Small pleasures | August 2018


Moving to Brighton


I have to say that a few items on the list this month are actually life’s big pleasures – some months are just a bit crazier than others!


Well, I say pleasure, but the whole moving process was quite stressful! I felt like I was always packing but there was still never any less stuff anywhere, and as we didn’t get a professional cleaning done, there was a lot we had to do ourselves. But, that said, once it was all done and we sat down with Domino’s (moving tradition!) in our new flat in Brighton, I felt so happy.


The past week has been the first full week I’ve spent in Brighton, and I can safely say that I’m 100% happy with our decision to move here. The city is even lovelier than I remembered, and I absolutely adore the fact that I can pretty much walk anywhere. And the sea! THE SEA! Ahh.


Decorating our new flat


The best (if a bit stressful at times…) thing about moving to a new house is the feeling of starting again and getting to decorate a new space. Out of all of the places I’ve lived in the UK, this flat feels the most adult and the most “ours” so far. It was important to me from the get-go that this space would feel homely and somewhere where we’d like to spend a lot of time in.


My lovely colleagues got me a voucher for John Lewis with which I’ve already got some cute little tidbits to the flat (I’m planning on making an interiors post when we’ve properly settled in!) and we also made a pretty massive IKEA order last week. Even though this flat is a bit bigger than our previous one, there’s not as much storage, so IKEA has definitely been our best friend during the move. I even put two furniture pieces together ON MY OWN this week – I’ve pretty much never been prouder of myself!



Getting into reading again (and re-discovering an old favourite)


I used to read quite a lot – when I went through my old LiveJournal (does anyone remember those times?!), I found a post where I’d listed all the books I’d read that year and the number was over 40! I’m lucky if I’ve read FOUR this year…


I’m not sure why, but I think I’ve just put all my energy into blogging, so the times when I haven’t been doing anything productive, I’ve just fallen into the sofa and into the Netflix hole. Luckily, though, my passion for reading is back – finally! – after devouring Marian Keyes’s new book The Break during my holiday. I read it so fast and enjoyed it SO much, that now I can’t wait to get stuck into more and more books again.


The book I’m reading currently is actually an old favourite and one that I’d probably call one of my favourite books ever: The Secret History by Donna Tartt. I’ve already read it about 2-4 times, but it’s been a while since my last time so I can’t remember all the plot twists and turns which is making the reading experience all the more special! Has anyone else read this? I’m not usually into murder mysteries but this is so different from anything else I’ve read – I think it pretty much started a genre of its own!


Holiday to Nice and the Italian Riviera


As per usual, I managed to book a holiday at the most inconvenient of times… We had only been in Brighton a few days when I headed to Stansted (yes, Stansted… from Brighton…) to fly to the sunny Italian Riviera via Nice. Even though the timing of the trip caused me extra stress, in the end, it was the best thing I could have done. I didn’t have to worry about job hunting or any real life things there and could just enjoy the glistening turquoise sea, amazing food and ALL the Aperol Spritzes.


During 5 days we explored Nice, Genoa, St Margherita/Portofino (see my post on the walk from Santa Margherita to Portofino here) and Camogli and I loved all the places we visited, especially on the Italian side. It’s my favourite country to visit and I can’t wait to see even more of it in the coming years!



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