Small pleasures | September 2018


Settling into Brighton life


We’ve now been living in Brighton for over a month and we’ve finally got all our furniture and I’ve even started a new full-time job! In some respects, it feels like we’ve been here forever but at the same time I still often see everything through the eyes of a visitor – it hasn’t quite sunk in yet that we’re actually living here!


I’m really enjoying the small city life, though. I love that I can walk almost everywhere and that my commute has shortened so much that I have two extra hours in my day to do what I want instead of sitting on the sweaty tube! Now I just need to find ways to use those two hours productively instead of binging on Brooklyn 99 on Netflix…


Seeing my favourite album played live in full

A few weeks ago I went back to Brixton to see one of my favourite bands Garbage play their second album Version 2.0 in full as it was the albums 20-year anniversary. It was such a fun night – I was jumping up and down the entirety of the two hours and left back home feeling very sweaty and very happy. One of the best nights in a looong while!


Highlights of the night were definitely them singing The World is Not Enough and Push it. Check them out if you’ve never listened to band/album before!




Sunny and chilly autumn days


I am such a blogger cliche, but I love autumn so much! If I had to choose, I’d probably say that summer is my favourite season, but I do love autumn a lot too. I’m not a fan of the darkness, but I do like the cosy feel of lighting candles and cosying up under blankets, and most of all, the bright and chilly days we often get, especially in September.


The past week especially has been so lovely weather-wise – it’s been quite cold in the mornings, but towards midday the sun has managed to warm the air just enough to get by with a t-shirt and a cardigan which has made me so happy. I even spent one of my lunch breaks on the beach – can you believe it!


Waking up early on weekends


I’ve been a morning person ever since I was really young (excluding my teenage years…) and I think there’s nothing better than getting up early and feeling that peace and quiet when it’s just you and the rest of the city still sleeps.


Yesterday I woke up at 6 am and left the house just before sunrise to go capture some early morning moments with my camera. I witnessed the most beautiful sunrise (pictured in the photos in this post!) and just felt the sort of bliss I haven’t felt for a while. Must drink less wine on Fridays and do this more often!


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