5 best vegetarian pizzas in London

Best vegetarian pizzas in London: Passo in Old Street


I am a pizza fiend. If I had to choose a desert island meal, pizza would most definitely be on the list, possibly along with tacos. So, it probably goes without saying that I’ve trialled my fair share of them, and in this post I’m narrowing down the best vegetarian pizzas in London – in my opinion, anyway.


I know there are still so many places out there for me to try, but here are my current favourites – please let me know in the comments where you would recommend me to try next!


Best vegetarian pizzas in London: Passo in Old Street in London

Passo, Old Street


Where?  Right next to Old Street station, in the heart of Shoreditch.


Pizza base: Pillowy sourdough base, burned just the right amount on the edges


Vegetarian options: Almost half of the pizza menu is vegetarian – yay! I was boring and went for the margherita (no regrets, though – it was fantastic), but they also do more daring combinations such as spinach, gorgonzola and thyme and artichoke and sundried tomatoes.


Anything extra? Don’t forget about the dips – they are amazing! The best one was the chilli aioli, but there’s also herb aioli, salsa verde, ceasar and green goddess (though I’m not quite sure what the last one is…)


Overall score: 8/10 for innovative flavour combos, lots of vegetarian pizzas and that amazing chilli aioli


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Best vegetarian pizzas in London: Pizza Union in Kings Cross in London

Pizza Union, multiple locations



Where?  Pizza Union is a mini-chain that has four different locations: Dalston, Kings Cross, Spitalfields and Aldgate. I’ve been to both the Kings Cross restaurants as well as the Spitalfields one, and in both the pizza is fantastic.


Pizza base: Super thin and crispy, a proper Roman style base!


Vegetarian options: Six out of sixteen pizzas are vegetarian, so about a third – not too bad. I’ve tried the Tricolore which is a white pizza (no tomato sauce) with mozzarella, goats cheese, tomatoes, pesto and basil which was really good, if a bit dry (nothing that couldn’t be fixed with a bit of chilli oil, though…) and the Margherita which is SO GOOD – especially when paired with their garlic dip.


Overall score: 9/10 – I love this place! It’s ridiculously cheap (margherita pizza is £3.95, dips are 50p and a frozen margarita only £3.50!), the pizza is really good and they have the most amazing dessert, too: a nutella and mascarpone dough ring. YUM!


Pizza Union doesn’t take bookings but they have a lot of tables in every restaurant so you’ll never have to wait too long to be seated!


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Best vegetarian pizzas in London: Commercial Tavern in Shoreditch in London


Commercial Tavern, Shoreditch


Where?  As the name suggests, the Commercial Tavern is located on Commercial Street in Shoreditch, just a 2 minute walk away from Shoreditch High Street station


Pizza base: Sourdough – crispy and thin in the middle and soft and pillowy on the edges


Vegetarian options: The menu is divided into two sections – “normal” pizza and pizza bianca, a white pizza without tomato sauce. Three out of the former category are vegetarian, but just one out of the latter. Still, it’s a pretty concise menu so percentage-wise it’s not too bad!


Overall score: 8/10 – The pizza is super tasty and the dough manages to be nice and crispy even though it’s a sourdough base. The decor at The Commercial Tavern is really cool, too – it’s super eclectic and messy and it shouldn’t work, but it somehow still does. Much recommended!


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Best vegetarian pizzas in London: Stringray Globe Cafe in Shoreditch in London


Stringray Globe Cafe, Shoreditch


Where? Columbia Road (better known for its weekly Sunday flower market) in Shoreditch


Pizza base: Thin crust – yay! They also do really good gluten free bases, too.


Vegetarian options: Quite a few, and you can also build your own by adding different toppings from their list to the Margherita pizza. They also do vegan cheese, so you can turn most of the veggie pizzas into vegan ones, too.


Overall score: 8/10 for friendly service and super yummy thin crust pizza. It’s a very unassuming place but that’s why I like it – it has a real family feel to it.


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Best vegetarian pizzas in London: Mamma Dough in Brixton in London


Mamma Dough, Brixton


Where?  Coldharbour Lane in Brixton, about a 10 minute walk from Brixton tube station


Pizza base: Handrolled sourdough pizza


Vegetarian options: Half of the pizza menu is vegetarian – there are 6 pizzas and three of them are veggie, plus one of the daily specials is always veggie, too! My favourite is a pizza called ‘beatrice’, which consists of butternut squash, feta, pine nuts & rosemary. It’s SO good!


Overall score: 10/10 – seriously. This is my favourite pizza place in London and I’m so sad I don’t live close to it anymore. Make sure to always check out the specials board when you go – they have some great pizzas there, too!


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