Small pleasures | October 2018

Visiting Lewes


Now that I live in a new city, I’m trying to take advantage of all the other new places I have on my doorstep for day or weekend trips, and Lewes was at the top of my list to visit first! I’ve already managed to visit it twice and I’m completely in love and can’t wait to explore it even more.


The first time I visited Lewes it was super rainy, so me and my friend mostly just hid in cosy pubs (which was also pretty great!), but the second time I went there I decided to go really early on my own to witness the sunrise, which was just glorious. Lewes is such a beautiful little town with gorgeous historic architecture and so many places I still want to visit, like the Anne of Cleves house and the Lewes castle. I’m sure I’ll be going back there many many times again!



The historic Keere Street in Lewes



New Autumn TV shows


I’ve gotten into a lot of new (and old!) TV shows this month, mainly the new supernatural show, The Discovery of Witches, as well as finally starting Peaky Blinders after years of putting it off (I’m not very good with violence…). Out the two, Peaky Blinders is probably the more critically acclaimed, but I think I love them both equally.


The Discovery of Witches is a story about an old vampire called Matthew who falls in love with a witch, but due to the rules of the supernatural community, their love is forbidden, which causes all sorts of obstacles – as you can probably imagine! There are lots of other plot points in the show, too, of course, but as a massive softie and a romantic, their relationship is my favourite part.


Peaky Blinders, on the other hand, is a very different kettle of fish, but I still love it (granted I have to look away a lot of the time!). The show tells the story of a crime family fronted by my favourite actor Cillian Murphy, who does a fantastic job as the anti-hero and leader of the group called Thomas Shelby. We’re only at season 2 so far, so no spoilers, please!


Aside from these two shows, I’ve also really been enjoying the new seasons of The Good Place and Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, as well as starting The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina, which seems pretty amazing already – isn’t autumn such a great time for good TV?!



Getting visitors from London

Now that I live in Brighton I get to see my old friends from London so much less which makes me sad, but luckily a big bunch of them came to visit me a few weeks ago and we had such a lovely time playing tourist in sunny Brighton. The weather couldn’t have been better – I can’t believe we were able to sit on the beach in our t-shirts and actually get a bit hot – in October! 


We also visited a new pub and lunch place I’d never been to before: The Pond. I completely fell in love with this place and their fantastic Asian street food menu. Yum!


Long weekend in Wales


Last weekend I took the Friday and Monday off from work and headed to South Wales for a wedding with Jim. We stayed one night in Swansea (and witnessed the most gooorgeous sunset – see photo below for proof!) and then one night at the wedding venue Oldwalls Gower.


I actually tried glamping for the first time in my life at the latter venue, and I really enjoyed it! It was more like a little hut rather than anything resembling a tent, which was completely fine with me as I’m not a very big fan of regular camping. Our little pod was super cute and cosy and came with all the amenities from a toilet and a shower to a TV and a kettle. I’d definitely go again!


In the morning after the wedding, I woke up early for a walk and attempted to photograph the most beautiful misty morning (photo above!), which actually turned out to be really hard. Most of the time the mist just made it look like I had a really smudgy lens, but I did love having a little bit of my own time before (almost) anyone else was still awake. There’s a sort of peacefulness to that, don’t you think?


What were your favourite moments in October?


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