Vegetarian brunch in Hove: V&H cafe in Holland Road

Best brunch in Hove: Shakshuka in the V&H Cafe on Holland Road in Hove


Guys, I think I’ve found the best place for brunch in Hove and Brighton! Jim and I visited the small and unassuming V&H Cafe on Holland Road and absolutely fell head over heels in love with the food: after walking away from the cafe, we both said it was the best brunch we had had in ages!


Located on Holland Road, V&H Cafe is easily accessible from both Hove and Brighton stations, but just far enough from both of them to still have that neighbourhood feel. Holland Road itself feels very residential, but the neighbouring Western Road is only a minute away and has lots to keep you entertained after eating, from shops and bars to even more restaurants.


Best brunch in Hove: V&H Cafe on Holland Road in Hove


Can you spot me in the photo above..? Whoops!



Pouring tea is serious business… Look at that concentration face!



The food at the V&H Cafe, Hove


The V&H Cafe specialises in breakfasts, brunches and lunches, with all the ingredients sourced from local businesses and produced as ethically as possible. The menu changes often and uses the four seasons as inspiration in an effort to stay as sustainable as possible.


If you have any allergies and/or different types of diets, you don’t have to worry, either. The V&H cafe caters for both gluten and dairy intolerances as well as dietary choices such as vegetarianism and veganism without compromising on taste at all.



We started off with this super tasty almond croissant. Not only was it super pretty (I might have ordered it based on visual preferences… might have) but it was also amazingly flaky and super soft on the inside. I used to always prefer the “original” croissants but this has definitely converted me!


Best brunch in Hove: Full vegetarian breakfast in the V&H Cafe on Holland Road in Hove Best brunch in Hove: Full vegetarian breakfast in the V&H Cafe on Holland Road in Hove


What we ate: the full vegetarian


Jim and I both had a very difficult time choosing what to order as we basically wanted to try everything on the menu! Instead, we decided to share two dishes to maximise trying out as many things as possible.


Our first dish was the full vegetarian, which consisted of 2 eggs (we chose fried), homemade baked beans, mushroom, fried tomato, avocado, bread and kale.


I don’t really even know where to start with this, because it was all so AMAZING. I think my favourite bit was the homemade baked beans, but I also really loved the fried tomato – it was really herby and almost had sundried tomato feel about it.


Best brunch in Hove: vegetarian shakshuka in the V&H Cafe on Holland Road in Hove


What we ate, part 2: the shakshuka


Our second dish was the shakshuka which was probably my favourite out of the two, even though it’s almost impossible to decide…


The shakshuka consisted of two poached eggs, two amazingly oily but still crispy pieces of bread, all covered in spicy tomato sauce and topped up with greek yoghurt. The tomato sauce was incredibly flavoursome and just the right amount of spicy, and the poached eggs were the best I’ve ever had (I usually prefer fried eggs but these were seriously amazing!).


Honestly, I don’t remember when’s the last time I’ve gushed about a brunch this much – I just really, really loved everything I had! I really couldn’t recommend the V&H cafe more – do yourself a favour and head here if you’re looking for a brunch place in the Hove and Brighton area – I promise you won’t be disappointed.


Best brunch in Hove: full vegetarian breakfast in the V&H Cafe on Holland Road in Hove


For the best brunch in Hove, head to the V&H Cafe at 63B Holland Road, just off the main shopping street Western Road.


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