Vegetarian burger at 7Bone Burger Co, Hove

Vegetarian burger in 7Bone Burger Co restaurant in Hove


7Bone Burger Co in Hove is a south-England based small chain of restaurants specialising in dirty burgers, sandwiches and hot dogs. Overall the menu at 7Bone Burger is pretty meaty, which means it’s not my usual kind of place, but seeing as they do do a few vegetarian burgers too, I was tempted enough to try them out!


The 7bone Burger Co in Hove is one of nine restaurants around south of the UK, and has a proper American diner feel to it – think red leather booths, exposed cement walls and quirky wall art and neon signs galore. The service feels quite American, too – in a good way. Our server was incredibly friendly and chatty, but never in an overbearing way, which can sometimes be a difficult balance to strike!


American Diner style 7Bone Burger Co restaurant in Hove American Diner style 7Bone Burger Co restaurant in Hove


Drinks at 7bone Burger Co, Hove


I love the drinks list at 7bone – there’s so much to choose from!


The restaurant has a great selection of craft beers from everywhere from Hawaii to Somerset, as well as a few different ciders and wines, though these (especially the wines) don’t have as much choice the beers. Jim went for the Kona Big Wave, which is a tropical golden ale, and something that I really liked as well. I’m not usually much of a beer person, but this one didn’t have that bitter aftertaste that a lot of beers can have.


I, of course, went for a cocktail – specifically one called 24 un-answered voicemails. I was first drawn to it by the funny name which made me giggle, but eventually ordered it because I really liked the sound of all the ingredients.


The cocktail consisted of rum, fresh lime, Aperol and passion fruit – basically all ingredients that I usually like separately, which made me intrigued to see how they’d work together. Spoiler alert – very well. I loved the cocktail so much – it was tangy, refreshing and didn’t have an annoying amount of crushed ice. Win, win and win!


Craft beer at 7Bone Burger Co restaurant in Hove Rum cocktail at 7Bone Burger Co restaurant in Hove


Food at 7bone Burger Co, Hove


As I mentioned earlier, the food here is quite meat-focused, but they do have two different vegetarian burgers to choose from, too, as well as a couple of things from the sides and starters section. It’s not a lot, but if you’re in bigger company with meat-eaters, it’s good to know that you won’t be completely without choice! It’s also a good place to go if you just really want to have a great messy burger because that’s what 7bone burger excels in – even with the veggie ones!


The two vegetarian burgers at 7bone are Dirty Linda, which is a BBQ halloumi burger with coleslaw, and Juicy Boris, which consists of a falafel patty stuffed with cheese (yum!), garlic mushrooms and truffle mayo.


I went for the former, and aside from the coleslaw (I really don’t ever like coleslaw, but I thought I’d give it another go) I really liked it – the BBQ sauce was yummy and the bun was AMAZING. I couldn’t find any information on what the bun was made from, but it was seriously so fluffy and just honestly one of the nicest burger buns I’ve had in a very long while!


Vegetarian burger at 7Bone Burger Co restaurant in Hove


Me and Jim also both went for dirty fries – mine were just with a spice seasoning, but Jim’s was a poutine-style one, which came with cheese curds and a beef gravy. I didn’t try it out for obvious reasons, but he said it was super tasty, though he found the fries too salty. I, on the other hand, thought the fries were perfectly seasoned, so this just goes to show our different tastes – I love a bit (too much…) of salt, and Jim prefers a bit less. Something to keep in mind if you end up ordering one of the dirty fries platters!


Vegetarian burger at 7Bone Burger Co restaurant in HoveVegetarian burger at 7Bone Burger Co restaurant in Hove Vegetarian burger at 7Bone Burger Co restaurant in Hove


My yummy BBQ halloumi burger!






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