What I ate in a week: 4 x weekday dinners


I love reading when other people do these ‘what I ate in a day/week’ posts a lot, so I thought why not do one myself! It also gave me an opportunity to practice my food photography and try to do something a bit different each day, which turned out to be really hard but also a great challenge!


I decided to only document my dinners as a) I generally always have the leftovers for lunch the next day anyway and b) I would feel uncomfortable styling my food and taking photos with my DSLR in my new workplace..! I also thought focusing on weekday dinners might give some good recipe ideas for those struggling with thinking of easy things to cook after work.


Let’s start with Monday!



Monday: Vegan burrito bowl


This dish has been one of my favourite things to cook and eat ever since I became a vegetarian and started trying to incorporate more vegan food into my life, too. I originally based the recipe on this one by Oh She Glows, but I’ve tweaked it a bit by adding fried peppers on top and removing onions as I really can’t stand the stuff! But otherwise, I’d say I stay pretty faithful to the recipe.


This has been a great success in our house – me and Jim both really love it and I’ve also cooked it a few times for guests and it’s always gone down really well!



Tuesday: Vegetable and tofu stirfry


This is a recipe that I’ve based on this one by Minimalist Baker but if I don’t always have all the ingredients, I can still kind of make it work – I’d say the soy sauce and the garlic are the most important components! I also often change the almond butter to peanut butter as it’s what we always have to hand, though in the interest of transparency I have to tell you that this time I forgot to add any kind of nut butter… I only realised when we were already eating and it felt like something was missing! But it was still all good – I just added a bit more soy sauce and chilli flakes and really enjoyed it anyway.


As for the veggies, I just add whatever I have to hand! This time I used peppers, mangetouts and sweetcorn, but you could also add peas, broccoli or carrots.



Wednesday & Thursday: Tomato and quinoa soup


This is a very recent find for me but I love it! I discovered the recipe through the Anna Edit’s blog and have made it just twice so far but I really love it. It’s super easy and quick to make, and also quite filling because of the quinoa. Again, I’ve skipped the onion and added a few fresh tomatoes instead, which really seemed to work very well!


I think this is really going to become a staple in our house – it’s so quick to make and actually really tasty. I can imagine this being really lovely if you have a cold (specifically a sore throat) – especially if you add a lot of pepper and chilli flakes like me..!



Friday: Halloumi superfood salad at a local pub


Fridays are often treat days for me – last Friday I watched a movie on Netflix and made a nacho platter, and this Friday me and Jim treated ourselves to a dinner in our lovely local pub Good Companions. I’d already had sweets and a donut at work, so I felt like I’d already had my fair share of unhealthy food, which is why I went for the superfood salad with added halloumi – I just really felt like I needed something a bit fresher!


The salad was actually really good – the halloumi was plentiful and chargrilled and the grains and vegetables added a nice texture and crunch. The only thing I didn’t like was the light mustard dressing which wasn’t mentioned on the menu – I’m not a big fan of mustard! But other than that, it was a really good choice and just what I needed.


What are your favourite (easy-ish) weekday dinners? I’d love to try out new recipes!


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