Brunch at Mildred’s Camden, North London


Mildred’s is a London based mini-chain of vegetarian and vegan restaurants serving plant-based versions of many popular meat dishes, such as veggie pies and buffalo “chicken” burgers. The mini-chain has four restaurants in London altogether: the original one in Soho as well as newer restaurants in Dalston, Kings Cross and Camden.


We visited for brunch at Mildred’s Camden a few weeks ago and would highly recommend it. We were all a little bit hungover and I think the yummy food at Mildred’s gave us (well, me, at least…) some sort of resemblance of life force back. The brunch menu is very versatile and includes dishes such as ‘chicken’ waffles and brunch tostadas, but if you don’t feel too breakfast-y you can also order from the lunch menu, which is actually what I ended up doing!



The decor in Mildred’s Camden is very sleek and simple, and due to the big windows, also very filled with beautiful natural light – a photographer’s dream.


The rest of the decor is very pretty too, and quite stripped back: there are copper lamps over the long bar, lots of big green plants and shiny (I don’t know how else to describe this – as in opposed to rustic!) wooden tables and chairs.



Brunch at Mildred’s Camden


The four of us ordered a mix of all sorts of different things from both the brunch and the ala carte menu (I love that you weren’t restricted to just one menu!). The original idea between Jim and I was to choose something different each and then share, but in the end, we both just ended up devouring our own respective dishes – mine was definitely too good to share!


Something that Jim and I did share were five little gyoza dumplings with a sweet chilli and soya dip. I know, it doesn’t sound very much like your typical brunch fare, but I was just really craving them, and luckily they didn’t disappoint at all. Especially the dip, which was SO tasty!


For my main, I ordered the bourbon buffalo burger with mock chicken, ranch dressing, onion, gherkins and lettuce, though I asked it done without onions and gherkins as I don’t really like the taste of either. Even with such simple ingredients (with the simpleness being my own fault for deducting two things..!), the burger was so good! The mock chicken was generously coated in tasty buffalo sauce and wasn’t dry at all, and the bun was beautifully fluffy too. It really hit the spot and almost cured my hangover. At least for a minute or so..!



Our brunch starter, five gyoza dumplings with a sweet chilli & soya dip



My buffalo mock chicken burger with a portion of fries. The dish doesn’t automatically come with a side, but we really wanted to share some fries so ordered them as an extra.


To be honest, I didn’t really enjoy them that much – they were described as fries on the menu but seeing as they were pretty thick, they felt more like chips and not the best of chips, either. They just didn’t feel very fresh or crunchy!



Quinoa blueberry waffles with maple syrup and coconut cream, ordered by our friends – how pretty and tasty do they look?!



Jim’s brunch item of choice was the mock chicken waffles with mushroom gravy. He’d never actually had chicken waffles before (he actually always thought it was a bit of a weird combination!), but after having tried Mildred’s version, he’s apparently now a convert!


If he had to give any criticism, it would be to get the dish with more gravy as it was delicious but there wasn’t quite enough of it (which is not really even a criticism).



All in all, our brunch in Mildred’s Camden was a great experience and I would definitely go back for more right now if I could..! The menu is not too long, which gives me the feeling that everything is very well considered and prepared. That said, there’s still plenty of choices for everyone to find something they’ll (hopefully) enjoy!


I’ve now been to three different branches of Mildred’s (the katsu curry at King’s Cross Mildred’s was ridiculously good) and I’ve thoroughly enjoyed every single experience – the food is always exceptional and the service has always been very friendly, too. I can’t wait to go back and try more dishes soon!





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