Day trips from Brighton I want to do

Daytrips from Brighton: Lewes town in Sussex

One of the many good things about moving to Brighton is that I now have a whole new collection of day trip destinations right on my doorstep. I’ve already explored Lewes a little, and I can’t believe it’s only a half an hour bus ride away – it feels like miles away from the hustle and bustle of Brighton!


I’ve made a little list of day trips from Brighton I really want to do – kind of as a reminder for myself, but also as a little inspiration for anyone who lives here too and is looking for a new place to escape to come the weekend. None of the destinations are too far away from London, either, which is good news for you capital-dwellers!


The theme here is basically “super cute and quaint English towns steeped in history” – hope you’re okay with that!


Daytrips from Brighton: Lewes town in Sussex


Devil’s Dyke


Devil’s Dyke is a National Trust listed valley just 5 miles from Brighton and a quick bus ride away. It looks like a spot of immense natural beauty, and I’ve also been told it’s the best place for a sunrise or a sunset around these parts, which I’d love to experience and try to photograph! I actually wanted to go witness a sunrise from the top of the valley a few weeks ago but there weren’t buses quite that early – boo!


There is also a pub called The Devil’s Dyke, located at the very top of the valley with amazing views and super cosy interiors. It looks like the perfect place for a glass of wine and lunch after a wander around the valley!


How to get there? The bus 77 goes from Churchill Square to Devil’s Dyke in 24 minutes. The bus only goes every 90 minutes, so make sure to check the timetable!




Lewes is the only place on this list I’ve already visited, but seeing as I love it so much and want to go back a gazillion times, I thought I’d still add it. Lewes is a medieval town with lots of things to see and do, such as the gorgeous Lewes castle (built in 1069!), the Anne of Cleves house and the beautiful and historic Keere Street, with most of its houses dating back to the 18th and 19th centuries.


Lewes has loads of cute pubs and restaurants too, as well as plenty of independent shops (it’s the perfect place to go do a bit of Christmas shopping if you want to find something a bit more unique!), and I can’t wait to write a proper guide about them once I’ve been back a couple more times!


How to get there? A 15-minute train journey with a train every 10 minutes, or a 45-minute bus journey (buses 28, 29B and 29X departing from Churchill Square)


Daytrips from Brighton: Lewes town in SussexDaytrips from Brighton: Lewes town in Sussex




Arundel is another medieval town with a castle which is a combination I clearly very much appreciate. The Arundel castle looks amazing – it was built in 1067, damaged in the English Civil War, and then restored again to its glory in the 18th and the 19th centuries. Unfortunately, the castle won’t be open to visitors until April 2nd as it’s not open during the winter months which is a shame, but it’s definitely going on my Spring/Summer list for next year!


Aside from the castle, Arundel boasts loads of independent shops and cute historic buildings and pubs (aka two of my favourite things for a day trip) – I really love the look of this one especially!


How to get there? A train from Brighton with one change will take you 1 hour and 10 minutes altogether




I have been waiting to go to Rye forever! It looks like the cutest, quaintest town ever – a proper chocolate box village. It’s another medieval town – go figure – and from all the photos I’ve seen of it, it’s chock full of winding alleyways and historic Tudor and Georgian buildings. Apparently going there is kind of like stepping back in time which sounds very appealing to me.


Like Arundel and Lewes, Rye seems to be full of independent boutiques and shops, which means I’m most definitely heading that way for some Christmas shopping come December – it would be so nice to buy gifts that are a bit more unique this year!


How to get there? A train from Brighton with one change will take you 1 hour and 40 minutes altogether





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