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Taiwanese street food at The Pond pub, Brighton

Taiwanese street food at The Pond pub in Brighton


One of my absolute favourite recent finds has got to be The Pond pub in Brighton serving Taiwanese street food in a super cosy and friendly setting. Located less than 10 minutes away from the train station, in the always bustling North Laine area, it’s really easy to get to from anywhere in the city.


The Pond is an independent pub (I feel like that’s so rare these days!) and serves lots of yummy craft beers, including their own, an ale called Poundwater Pale Ale. Their food, on the other hand, is curated by Taiwanese street food specialists Baby Baowith a menu filled with lots of tasty veggie and vegan options to choose from. What’s even better is that every Monday The Pond goes completely meat-free, which means *even more* tasty veggie dishes on the menu!


The Pond pub in Brighton The Pond pub in Brighton The Pond pub in Brighton The Pond pub in Brighton


I also love the decor at The Pond – it’s kind of vintage-y and rustic meats modern and vibrant. The walls are painted in two different shades of blue, and there are lots of greenery and quirky artwork which brings a bit of colour and fun into the mix.


Craft beer at The Pond pub in Brighton


As mentioned earlier, the craft beer selection at the Pond pub is fantastic. I’ve only recently started getting into beer, and this place is great for trying different things and discovering new favourites.


I wish I could remember what the one in this photo was called (some kind of American Pale Ale, I think!), but both of the beers I’ve tried here (this one and a really yummy porter) have been definitely worth the money.


The Pond pub in Brighton The Pond pub in Brighton


The lovely bar area filled with lots of lovely plants!


Bao buns at The Pond pub in Brighton


This. Bun. My god, it’s so good! It’s a vegan bao bun (a Taiwanese steamed bun) filled with crispy tofu, peanuts, spring onion & hoisin sauce. The hoisin sauce and the crumbled peanuts are what really make the dish amazing, and my only complaint is that there could have been a tad more of the sauce – it was so yummy!


Taiwanese street food at The Pond pub in Brighton


Another amazing dish – I actually couldn’t decide which one I liked more! These were the loaded fries with more of that amazing hoisin sauce, as well as miso mayo, sriracha, peanuts & crispy fried onion. It’s seriously as good as it looks – I could have happily had two portions of it. I mean, I would have felt a bit sick, but I think it would have been worth it…


Taiwanese street food at The Pond pub in Brighton


You can find The Pond pub at 49 Gloucester Road, Brighton, BN1 4AQ




Taiwanese street food, bao buns and loaded fries at the Pond pub in Brighton


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