Money Diary: Receptionist/Administrator living in Brighton


I found it really interesting doing my previous money diary (which you can read here!) and seeing as my circumstances have changed with moving to a new city, I thought it would be fun to do another one and see if anything has changed!


I’m still not comfortable with disclosing my wage as I’m not sure if it’s up to me to decide if I can do that, but I work as a receptionist/admin assistant in central Brighton and I’m actually lucky enough to have found a position that paid the same as my previous job in London. This means I have a bit more disposable income due to paying slightly less rent and not having to use so much money on my Oyster card every month!


Let’s get started!



Saturday 2nd February


I headed to London to meet Jasmin, Katy & Erica for drinks and pizza, so the first thing I obviously had to buy was a train ticket (well, I actually pre-bought the ticket on Friday but as it relates to this day, I thought I should include it!) which set me back £12.80. 


In London, I spent altogether £20.45 in Pizza Union, where I bought a Margherita pizza, a garlic dip and a bottle of Prosecco – so cheap, right? And SO good! It’s one of my favourite pizza places in London – they do the most amazing thin crust pizzas.


When I got home all the wine had started to wear off a little and I was feeling hungry again so I headed to our local Co-Op and bought a bag of frozen chips for £0.95 and had a maaassive plateful of them on my sofa watching Friends bloopers. Bliss!


Overall spend: £34.20


Sunday 3rd February


On Sunday morning I headed (again) to our local Co-Op and bought oranges, lemons and butter for freshly squeezed juice and breakfast. I think I must have bought something else too because the overall total was £6.56, but for the life of me, I can’t remember what it was… Can’t have been that important, I guess!


Later, I met my friend Alex for lunch at La Choza where I got my favourite, the sweet potato burrito bowl (funny enough this featured in my last Money Diaries as well!) which set me back £8.50.


After lunch, we had a lovely sunny walk on the seaside and as it almost felt like spring, we decided to go for ice cream to Gelato Gusto in North Laine. I had two scoops: Bailey’s gelato and lemon sorbet and they were both SO GOOD! The two scoops cost £4.00 which is a bit expensive, but totally worth it!


Overall spend: £19.06



Monday 4th February


On Monday I didn’t really do anything before or after work except pay for my Wednesday’s personal trainer session which set me back £40.00. It’s pretty expensive which is why I can only do it a few times a month, but it’s definitely been worth it so far. I really like my personal trainer and she’s already made me feel so much more comfortable and confident in the gym!


Overall spend: £40.00


Tuesday 5th February


After coming home from work I really fancied making banana bread (I’d actually never made it before but I had old bananas that needed using up so I thought I’d give it a go!) so Jim and I headed to Co-Op for a few bits and pieces for that as well as biscuits and things for some other baking I wanted to do this weekend (I thought I’d try doing blondies!).


Overall spend: £3.34 (my share of the shop)


Wednesday 6th February


I didn’t technically spend anything today, but my monthly gym direct debit did go out of my account so I guess that counts! I’d technically say that’s a monthly spend rather than a weekly but let’s put it in here anyway!


Overall spend: £24.99


Thursday 7th February


I did spend some money on this day but I can’t really say what it was as it was a gift for someone who might read this… Sorry!


Overall spend: £45.00


Friday 8th February


The only thing I spent money on today was £2.20 on a single bus ticket to Preston Park (about 10 minutes on the bus from where I am) because I went to meet new friends for a cocktail evening. I ended up walking back (36 minutes to be exact!) so didn’t have to pay for a return ticket.


Overall spend: £2.20



Overall weekly spend: £168.79.


This is definitely more than I would usually spend in a week – the gift buying and the gym membership especially bought it up and I also only pay for my personal trainer twice a month – I definitely couldn’t afford to live like this every week if I want to save and put aside money for travelling, too!


In a typical week I’d probably spend about £80-£100, most of which definitely goes to eating out! Now that I’m living in Brighton and saving money on lots of other stuff, I’m also lucky enough to have a bit of money left for treating myself – for example, I’ve subscribed to a bi-montly cruelty free beauty box and will be starting therapy soon.


What does a typical week look like for you?


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