Small pleasures | February 2019

Making new friends in Brighton


February was a busy month when it came to meeting people – old and new. I’ve tried to be active and meet local people in Brighton (using the Brighton Girl Facebook Group and the Bumble BFF app) as I don’t really know many people here and it would be great to make new friends that live close by for spontaneous day trips, after work drinks and other shenanigans.


I’ve been really good, actually, in putting myself out there by meeting quite a few new people – it’s almost like dating, just with friends, so can be really scary! But, when you meet someone you really click with, it’s also been really rewarding.



Trying out my first tapas restaurant in Brighton


love tapas! It’s one of my favourite types of cuisine and I had quite a few failsafe tapas restaurants when I lived in London that I would visit time and time again (I’m looking at you Boqueria!). So, when we moved to Brighton, I immediately researched what the tapas options were like here – as you do. The one that kept coming up as the best one was Tinto Taperia, a tapas restaurant in central Brighton which I finally managed to visit in February.


IT WAS SO GOOD. Everything I tried was amazing – especially their garlic aioli which just made everything even tastier – and I can’t wait to visit again and order even more things. If you know of other amazing tapas restaurants in Brighton, please let me know as I want to visit ALL of them!



Date night and going to Taco Bell for the first time


Jim and I have a new tradition for 2019: monthly official date nights. Every other month one of us will organise it and February was Jim’s turn. He knows I’m a massive Mean Girls fan and have been going on and on about never visiting Taco Bell even though it always reminds me of the movie (if you know, you know), so he suggested that we finally go and try it out.


The actual experience of finally doing it and eating super messy food with someone I love was so much fun, though I have to say I’m probably not going to be returning for the food… With the amazing La Choza so close by, I think I’ll be going there in the future for my Mexican food needs!


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