Views for days in Mortehoe, North Devon


I visited the picture perfect and incredibly quaint seaside town of Mortehoe in North Devon a few weeks ago and I’m still pretty smitten. We didn’t spend long there (my tour guide was the lovely Lynsey from One More Slice) as I had a train to catch back to Brighton, but we did manage to squeeze in a little walk with the most beautiful views that made me swear to return to North Devon sooner rather than later.


As I didn’t spend a long time in Mortehoe, I definitely can’t claim to be an expert, but I did manage to snap quite a few photos of the village’s beautiful architecture, and, most importantly, its magnificent views.


Our plan was to walk to Morte Point, which is a peninsula known for seal-spotting (I know!) and its history of being the site of many shipwrecks (the name literally means ‘death-point’), but we didn’t quite have time for it. We did, however, walk (avoiding many a sheep poo, I might add) to a little hill overlooking the most breathtaking views. Whilst I was sad I didn’t get to see the seals this time, I definitely feel like I ended my visit in the most peaceful and beautiful way!



I spotted a few B&B:s and pubs (all very cute!) during our walk around the village, and I imagine it would be a great place for a little overnight stay – I can’t imagine anything better than a long walk with stunning views and seal spotting followed with a hearty meal in a cosy pub and a deep sleep in a cute inn.


Some lovely looking places to stay in Mortehoe I spotted were the beautiful Smugglers Rest and the historic Town Farm House.



Getting to Mortehoe, North Devon


It’s not an easy trek to get to Mortehoe by public transport from Brighton or London, but it can be done.


The closest train station to Mortehoe is Barnstaple (as far as I’m aware, anyway!) which is about 5 hours away from Brighton and about 4 hours from London. It’ll then take you about another hour by bus to get to Mortehoe (Google Maps is your friend here), so I’d say definitely make most of getting there and take off a few days to explore other parts of North Devon too (watch this space…)!


If you’re travelling by car, your life gets a bit easier, as it’ll “only” take you 4.5-5 hours from both Brighton and central London (I imagine it’s London’s ridiculous traffic that makes the journey from there last as long!) directly to Mortehoe. Woo!