Sussex walks: Birling Gap and Seven Sisters


One hour walk on the Seven Sisters cliffs


I’m not sure if it’s because I recently turned 30, but I’ve really gotten into the idea of going out for walks since I moved to Brighton. I’ve always loved exploring little towns and new areas, which has generally racked up a pretty decent amount of steps in my pedometer, but I’ve never properly looked for specific walking routes, even if I’ve always kind of liked the idea.


When I say walks, though, I mean max 2-3 hours – at least for now! I’m not looking for crazy hiking routes quite yet, but never say never!


I like the idea of exploring new places whilst getting my exercise on at the same time – as much as I’ve gotten into the gym this year, too (I know, who am I?!), I would say I much prefer raising my heart rate this way. I do have one requirement, though: there needs to be a pub (or at least a cafe!) at the end…


This Seven Sisters walk is an easy one to do, has amazing views and only takes about one hour, depending on how many times you stop to take photos.


I did the walk with my family when they were in England visiting me, and we originally decided to go to Seven Sisters cliffs as it’s where one of my dad’s favourite films, Quadrophenia, was partly filmed. It’s definitely a pretty cool filming location, but you don’t need to have seen the movie to appreciate the scenery – it’s absolutely gorgeous here!



Where to start?


The walk starts on the cliffs above the Birling Gap beach, where there’s a big National Trust car park and a cafe selling pretty reasonably priced pastries (I had a cheese scone which was very yummy), drinks (hot, soft & alcoholic) and hot lunch items. There’s loads of tables outside where you can look into the sea and the hills, although there were quite a few bees around, too, when we went, which is something to keep in mind if you’re a bee-phobic like me..!


The walk instructions on the National Trust website are quite good, so I would recommend printing or screen grabbing a copy from here before you go – there might not be signal when you get to the hills (though there is a WiFi in the cafe).



All the lighthouses!


The walk includes not one but TWO light houses – one you walk past (above) and the other you admire from a distance (the one below).


The lighthouse in the above photo is called the Belle Tout Lighthouse, and it’s now a bed and breakfast! Have a look here for more info and photos – doesn’t it looks like such a lovely place for a memorable stay? I’d love to try it out myself one day – I can already imagine waking up to those amazing views now…



At the end of the walk…


As for that pub at the end? Well, there kind of is one, but you will have to venture a bit further to get there. The nearest pub is the Tiger Inn in East Dean, the cutest little village just a 25 minute walk away from Birling Gap. You can take the bus too (only a few stops) if by this point you’re just sick of walking!


I’ve written a whole blog post about the Sunday Roast at the Tiger Inn in case you’d like to see what it looks like – spoiler alert: it’s super cute.



How to get there?


From Brighton – There is a direct bus on Sundays (bus number 13X) from Brighton to Birling Gap taking just over an hour. On other days it can be a bit of a pain as it will almost take you twice the time.


From London – A train to Eastbourne taking just under an hour and then a bus from there (you’ll have to walk to the pier, which is around 15 minutes away), which will take about 25 minutes.


From Eastbourne – A hop on hop off bus will take you to Birling Gap from Eastbourne Pier in 25 minutes