Full vegetarian brunch at The Set, Brighton


I can’t believe I haven’t talked about or shared my enthusiasm for the wonderfulness that is the brunch at Brighton’s The Set restaurant! It’s been a constant for me since I moved to Brighton and somewhere I always take people when they come to visit.


The Set is an independent restaurant (situated downstairs of the beautiful Artist Residence hotel) with a focus on fresh and local produce (have a look at this map on their website showcasing where they get each of their main ingredients from). I’ve only ever been for breakfast as the main menu is maybe a little bit too fancy for me and slightly out of my everyday budget.


This post, however, is all about their wonderful brunch, so let’s focus on that and get started..!



The décor is incredibly cute and cosy, with a lot of wood, red brick and copper used around the space. These photos were from just before Christmas, hence the gorgeous wreaths, but the restaurant always has a wonderful feel, no matter what season we’re in.


There’s also lots of cool art work on the walls – my favourite being that cute and colourful water colour bunny in the 5th photo of the post! I tried looking for the name of the artist online but no luck – if anyone knows it, please do let me know in the comments!



We started off with hot drinks – me with a big pot of peppermint tea and my sister with a black coffee (verdict: coffee was okay, but what was really nice was that they gave her a free refill when she ordered another one!).



We both went for the The Veggie Breakfast which consisted of mushroom, slow roast tomato, spinach, avocado, halloumi, homemade beans, green pesto, fried egg and a piece of Flint Owl bakery sourdough bread. Yum!


I’d been raving about the homemade beans to my sister, and after she’d finished her breakfast, she told me that they had truly exceeded the expectations I’d set for them – hurray! Honestly – they are so good, up there in my list of top beans with the ones from V & H Bakery in Hove!


Other things on The Set’s breakfast menu are, for example, a vegan version of the above (with halloumi replaced by fried potatoes and the egg with beetroot), stack of buttermilk pancakes and a root vegetable hash. I intend to try the pancakes next time – or maybe find someone who’ll go half and half with me with the pancakes and the veggie breakfast! A bit of savoury and a bit of sweet sounds like the perfect breakfast combo…



You can find The Set at 33 Regency Square in Brighton