Vegan Bacon Plant burger at Honest Burgers, Brighton


Hello lovely people! I know I’ve been MIA for a while now, but I’ve really missed blogging so my resolution for 2020 is to (try to…) be more active in this little online space of mine. I’m going to start off slowly (but surely!) with this little mini post.


As I’m sure everyone already knows, Veganuary is in full swing, and these days Veganuary means ALL the new vegan options and specials in various restaurants across the country. One of these restaurants is the fantastic mini chain Honest Burgers, which has launched a January only (I’m so hoping they’ll extend this!) vegan burger called ‘Bacon Plant’ and I’m here to tell you that it is absolutely GLORIOUS.


The burger consists of a plant-based patty, fake bacon (or facon!) by THIS Isn’t…, vegan smoked gouda, shoestring fries, ‘no’ bacon ketchup, chipotle ‘mayo’, spinach and pickles. With a list of ingredients that long, I thought that eating this burger would have been a mission impossible, but it was actually pretty manageable (if a bit messy), and, most importantly, incredibly tasty!


The plant based bacon was a joyous surprise, as it resembled real bacon so well in taste, and the texture was pretty spot on, too. I haven’t eaten meat in a few years so my memory when it comes to meaty texture is not all there, but I think this was preeetty close to the real thing!


The burger costs £14.50 which seems pretty steep at first glance, but it does come with the WORLD’S TASTIEST FRIES, so I don’t think it’s too unreasonable in the end. I’m not being hyperbolic about the fries, by the way – they are truly sensational. However, you will feel like rolling back home if you manage to finish off both the burger AND the fries – it’s a pretty big portion! It took me hours until I could think about food again (which is not common at all…)!


The Bacon Plant burger is available in Honest Burgers restaurants until February 3rd so be quick – it’s truly worth it! Maybe we can try and make it so popular that they’ll keep it on as a permanent fixture? A girl can dream…