Vegetarian Mexican food at La Choza, Brighton


La Choza is a Mexican restaurant and a true Brighton institution, located in two different areas of the city: Western Road and North Laine (the original one). I’ve been going here ever since my friend introduced me to them when I still lived in London, and as soon as I moved to Brighton, I’ve pretty much been going here every month. I take everyone who visits me here, too – it’s that good!


La Choza was founded by two friends in 2012 who shared a passion for all things Mexican, and created La Choza’s fantastic menu by going on multiple tasting tours to Mexico and trying out different meals from markets, street food stalls and friendly locals. They then brought these recipes back to Brighton, and so La Choza was born – hurray!


Both La Choza restaurants are decorated in a super quirky and colourful style and the service is always so friendly, warm and welcoming. You just *have* to visit if you can!



The main menu in La Choza works by mixing and matching: you choose one base, one filling and one salsa.


Your base options are tacos, burritos, burrito bowls (my absolute favourite!), quesadillas and tostadas. Out of these, I’ve tried tostadas (see below) and burrito bowls, both of which are super yummy, but the burrito bowl is my absolute favourite. I’ve had it countless times and always think it’s as good (or even better!) as the last time.


They also always have a few specials on the blackboard, which are worth checking out – I’ve tried one of the veggie specials once and it was pretty divine. I wish I could tell you what it was called but I just can’t remember… Does this make me the world’s worst blogger?!



Last time I visited I decided to go for something a bit different, and chose the tostadas with the plant based chorizo filling (you can have this with any base). The tostadas feel a bit more refreshing than the burrito bowl, and I’d already had a pretty heavy weekend food-wise, so they felt like the right choice..!


Tostadas are crispy corn tacos, and in La Choza they come topped with re-fried beans and lettuce, as well as the filling of your choice (plant based chorizo for me!) and the salsa of your choice (I always go for their green salsa called ‘Green Taco Shop’ which is so yummy and just spicy enough). As you can see from the photo above, they really didn’t scrimp with the toppings which is just another thing I love about this place.


The plant based chorizo itself was very good, although I have to say it felt more like mince than chorizo. I can forgive this, however, as I’ve discovered that chorizo is a *very* difficult thing to replicate – I’ve tried countless of different plant based versions and it’s never quite right. But, if you don’t think of this as chorizo, it’s perfectly tasty enough in its own right!



Jim went for the quesadillas with the black turtle beans and roasted veggies filling, and he said it was really, really good. He told me that he usually finds Mexican veggie bean dishes a bit bland, but this was the opposite – the filling was really tasty, and had aaall the cheese which brought in even more flavour. All of the quesadillas come with melted cheese and sour cream – yum!

You can find La Choza in Brighton on 36 Gloucester Road and on 105 Western Road. Enjoy (and please take me with you)!