Vegan and vegetarian brunch at Moksha, Brighton


Ever since moving to Brighton, people have kept on telling me that I *needed* to visit Moksha for brunch. I don’t know why it took me so long to listen, but oh boy am I glad that I finally did!


Moksha was opened as a café in 2007, expanded with a focus on food (they do breakfast and lunch) in 2013 and has since gone strength to strength. They now focus heavily on ethical values (all their meat and eggs are free range and from local suppliers) and won a BRAVO award (Brighton’s Restaurant Awards) for best brunch in the city in 2019.



Moksha’s main menu is divided into brunch dishes (including multiple pancake stacks!), burgers, open sandwiches, bowls & salads as well as ever changing soup of the day (served with their yummy toasted sourdough). They’ve also got a separate plant-based menu with all their vegan options, which is pretty lengthy in its own right – there’s a *lot* to choose from!



I decided to go for something from the plant-based menu and in the end chose their ‘Tomatoes & Houmous’ dish, which consisted of grilled cherry vine tomatoes, houmous and tomato & avocado salsa on toasted sourdough. All I can say is YUM!


I lied, I can say a little bit more…! The dish was truly so tasty and filled to the brim with flavour. It was only £7.00, but you got so much for your money – they really didn’t scrimp with the toppings – there were so many yummy tomatoes (literally bursting with flavour!) and houmous, all topped with a massive helping of the avocado salsa (which was also very, very tasty).



Jim went for the Vegetarian Breakfast, which consisted of grilled mushrooms, cherry vine tomatoes, wilted spinach, homemade baked beans (I had some and they were so lovely and smoky!), eggs your way & a piece of toasted sourdough. When I asked for his opinion, he told me he absolutely loved his dish and it’s now his second favourite veggie breakfast in Brighton (after the fantastic V&H Cafe)! He also raved about the super juicy tomatoes – they were truly so special.



There’s still SO many things on the brunch menu I’d love to go back and try, like one of the pancake stacks, the vegan teriyaki tofu on sourdough or their Shakshuka with feta and Greek yogurt. I’ve also been told that I should *definitely* add one of Moksha’s home made hashbrowns to any dish I order in the future – multiple sources have told me that these are fantastic!


Moksha, I swear I’ll be back soon!


You can find Moksha at 4-5 York Place in central Brighton