Photo diary: Lockdown walks in Hove


As I was furloughed from work for two months in the spring and early summer, I tried to make the best of it by taking super long walks every day and discovering new streets and neighbourhoods around Brighton and Hove at the same time.


As hard as lockdown has been on my mental health at times, these walks will always be a memory I’ll cherish and a definite silver lining in an otherwise shitty situation!


These photos are from a few different walks I did in Hove – an area that I thought I knew well, but turns out there were loads for me to still discover! Hove is full of absolutely gorgeous houses and tree-lined streets, and in early summer it’s full of SO many beautiful roses in different colours too! I’ve never noticed how many amazing roses there are everywhere around this time of the year – noticing little things like this has definitely been another lockdown silver lining.



If I thought Hove and these streets were lovely in bright sunshine, they were even lovelier during golden hour. The photos below were taken about an hour before sunset on a gorgeous hot day in May, and it’s probably one of my favourite walks I’ve done so far. I wandered around St Ann’s Well Gardens and continued further north from there, crossing the railway line and letting myself get lost in the beautiful suburban streets. 


Golden hour has a habit of making buildings that aren’t that magnificent look amazing, and buildings that were already magnificent even more so. Hove is definitely part of the latter group, which is why I enjoyed this walk SO much.


If you live in Brighton I’d highly recommend heading this way, away from the highstreets and the hustle and bustle of shops and (one day when they open again…) pubs and restaurants. It’s such a peaceful experience and a perfect walk if you love looking at pretty houses you wish you could one day live in!