Tasty vegan cookies from Stephanie’s Cookie Co


During the last few weeks, I’ve been lucky enough to help my lovely flatmate Stephanie set up her new cookie business, Stephanie’s Cookie Co, which launches today. I’ve been taste-testing (well, really I’ve just been sneaking in some yummy leftovers at every chance…) and helping her take photos for her social media and website.


This has been such a great learning curve for me too, as I’m constantly trying to better myself at photography, and food photography is especially something I’ve always been interested in. Helping Steph gave me an opportunity to try things I’ve always wanted to try and see what worked and what didn’t. Some images I’m incredibly happy with, some not so much, but I’m eager to learn and keep trying.


Stephanie has been such an inspiration throughout this whole process – she’s put her whole heart into it and worked SO hard to make this a success. I can personally attest that the cookies taste AMAZING *and* they are vegan to boot! All of the cookies can be bought from the website for delivery everywhere in the UK.


I’m not just saying all of this because she’s my friend – the cookies are truly wonderful in their own right, and I highly recommend you give them a go – you’d be supporting a lovely small business at the same time, too, which is always a plus!


Sea salted caramel cookie

Chocolate and vegan fudge cookie

Triple chocolate cookie

Chocolate chip cookie

White chocolate and raspberry