Vegan Sunday roast at the Roundhill pub, Brighton

The Roundhill pub is a quirky and colourful neighbourhood local in the Round Hill (go figure!) area of Brighton, serving an extremely tasty *and* fully plant-based menu.

The pub’s decor is very homely and has such a cosy local feel to it. There are shelves full of books, art and other random objects (like in any actual home!) and the furniture is slightly mismatched. It feels like a very friendly place to walk into, a feeling made even stronger by the lovely pub staff.

The main menu consists of burgers (I’ve heard amazing things about these and have my eye on the buffalo ‘chicken’ burger for next time…) and different tasting platters of which there are quite a few to choose from. I didn’t get to try any of these (yet!) though, as we visited on a Sunday to test their famous roasts.

We started with a cocktail each – all of which are vegan, of course! I went for ‘Merry Rosi’, which consisted of tequila, grapefruit, passionfruit, lime & rosemary and it was SO GOOD. This is exactly the kind of cocktail I love – strong, no ice and a bit sour. Absolutely delicious.

The other two are Espresso Martini (vegan, of course!) and one called the ‘Sloe Downs’, which consisted of sloe gin (love a good pun..!), dry Vermouth, lemon, cherry & soda – I had a little taste and it was lovely and I think it would be perfect for lovers of slightly sweeter drinks.

For our mains we had our choice of three different vegan Sunday roasts – I went for the butternut squash, chestnut & lentil cake, and both my friends opted for the seitan ‘gammon’ glazed with maple, mustard & black treacle. My butternut squash was so tasty, and I sneaked a little taste of the “gammon” too and it was so good – very authentically meaty!

All roasts are served with garlic roasted potatoes, a vegan Yorkshire pudding (!), marmalade carrots & parsnips, braised red cabbage & beatroot, cauliflower cheese, mangetout, green beans, peas and red wine jus. Phew – what a list!

My absolute favourites were the marmalade carrots (they were SO good!) and the vegan Yorkshire – it wasn’t quite as airy as the non-vegan variety, but the texture was still pretty spot on and the taste was great.

Overall I was very happy with the roast – the potatoes could have maybe been a bit crispier and more garlicky and the cauliflower “cheese” wasn’t quite cheesy enough for my tastes, but other than that I absolutely loved all of it and can’t wait to try more from their menu soon! The service at the pub was so lovely and friendly, too, which made me feel really good about my visit and ready to return soon!

You can find the Roundhill pub at 100 Ditchling Rd, Brighton